Godseye over troubledWater

Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Eye over Troubled Waters,  © St Germain


In 2008 many on the globe have been in “choppy waters.” As you see it is a composite of different ideas: the eye, the bridge, and the choppy waters. Painted it at the end of 2009.

Although I am not Jewish myself, but for the last few years I have held to the Jewish calender, because it seems to make  much more sense in my life. The year starts in Sept./Oct. and that is when things starts stirring the pot, so to speak.

The year was 5770. The numbers of the Jewish years have a meaning as well as a sign. The sign of this year was “Ayin. ” One of the many meanings is “eye.” To me this means the eye of the Creator of heaven and earth.

Before I painted this at an art event where painting was combined with music and poetry, I found myself  humming the song “like a bridge over troubled water” of Simon and Garfunkel. Somehow the eye, and the song related well where I found myself, like thousands of others:  in choppy waters.

For me the choppy waters consisted of downsizing to a smaller living place without a yard, in a gated community, in an upscale neighborhood. It was a subculture change.

The choppy waters included that hubby became “that age”  and we had to deal with filling in forms, forms, and forms, and notarizing them each time (this is what you have to contend with when one is Dutch, like we are, and living in the USA), as well as changing health care for hubby and for me (because I am not “that age” yet).

These changes were compounded with frustrations in dealing with real-estate and health care brokers, as well as my spouse being laid off for some months.

In a time like this, it was comforting an eye was watching carefully. To me the eye is of the same  one I consider “the bridge” over troubled waters.
Even though I weigh consequences carefully, there is no doubt that I would use this  bridge, in case I would not survive in the choppy waters on my own!

My last remarks are that  this “eye” is not to be confused with the eye of the Masons on the dollar bill.  (Later I painted the supports from the H-form pillar to the bridge, but can’t find the pic )



    1. Twain,
      Thank you, Gabi! In this century we are so conditioned to be “sure” only when we “see” it, but I do believe there are unseen forces (good and bad) at work, that we are not able to see with our physical eyes. My own personal experience is that someone is watching over me, but also taps me on the shoulder so to speak, when I need an attitude change. And it’s more than my higher consciousness, described in psychology. Hey thanks, you are the very first one to comment on this blog!!


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